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High-speed hardware + intelligent software for delivering the ultimate connected experience

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Meet Minim, the managed WiFi and cybersecurity solution

Subscribers are turning to third-party, unmanaged WiFi solutions every day to ease their WiFi performance and security troubles.

With Minim, service providers have the opportunity to step in for higher customer satisfaction and lower costs. Minim's cloud-driven technology pairs the best in high-speed hardware with intelligent software to help ISPs: 

  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Lower call volumes
  • Minimize OPEX costs
  • Increase ARPU
  • Build a trusted brand

Minim will be exhibiting at Booth #442. Stop by to learn more between 12 – 3 PM PST, October 12th - 14th, in Las Vegas, NV.

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Deliver superior WiFi

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Don't miss Minim's Keynote Speaker at WISPAPALOOZA 2021

A lot has changed in telecom in the past twelve months. I hope everyone has a chance to join the conversation at WISPAPALOOZA 2021 surrounding topics like customer support, security, network quality management, and more. "
Andy Piggott, SVP of Customer Experience and WISPA Speaker

Two-Sided Marketplaces— Transforming Wireless
Tuesday, Oct. 12th, 3 - 4 PM

Cybersecurity: Current and Future State
Wednesday, October 13th, 4:30 - 5:30 PM

Moving to the Cloud
Thursday, October 14th, 8 - 9 AM

Motorola AX products

Warp-Speed WiFi 6

Speed. Performance. Reliability.

Expand your fleet

Deliver superior WiFi 6

Minim's next-generation Motorola AX family just launched on with the MH7601 Mesh-Ready AX1800 router.  The highly-anticipated Motorola MG8725 and MT8733 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modems with Built-in 4x4 AX6000 Routers are coming soon. 

Each product will come bundled with motosync, powered by Minim, at no additional cost. This intelligent WiFi app delivers the connected experience subscribers are looking for, complete with:

  • AI-driven device identification
  • Speed testing and data tracking
  • Guest WiFi management
  • Integrated cybersecurity
  • Parental controls with internet schedules, content filters, time limits, and more. 

Eliminate the headaches of managing your MikroTik hardware fleet

Automated updates  |  Simpliflied deployment and provisioning
Lower OPEX costs  |   Increased subscriber satisfaction

Minim’s open-source approach to MikroTik integration simplifies the implementation of embedded and cloud-hosted middleware, decreasing the overhead cost needed to update hardware in the field. Discover how our cloud-based software replaces all manual tracking and firmware updates by automating the time-consuming process, letting your team get back to what matters most.

Save time. Simplify provisioning. Streamline security.

Integration is easier than you think

Explore Minim for MikroTik

Prompt speed testing and effortless compliance approval

Minim's CAF performance testing solution 

Check your eligibility

CAF performance testing: Minim's step-by-step guide

The Connect America Fund (CAF) is a rural broadband initiative by the FCC created to address America's urban-rural digital divide. 

CAF Phase II is currently underway, through which the FCC will disburse $1.49 billion over a ten-year period directly to eligible telecommunication carriers (ETCs) who can help bring more Americans online.

CAF performance testing is a process that has been put in place ensure CAF-funded carriers are delivering acceptable internet speeds to their CAF-supported subscribers. To help carriers check their eligibility, stay compliant, and sustain their funding, we've broken down the process into actionable steps. 

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Minim for WISPs

Download the Minim service brief to learn more.  


Minim® Cloud

Collects and processes real-time home network data with proprietary device fingerprinting technology. 


Minim® Care Portal

Allows customer care representatives to view customer WiFi networks, historical activity, and health indicators in one convenient pace for better support.


Minim® Mobile App

Gives subscribers total control over their connected home with intuitive settings to monitor, secure, and optimize their home network from anywhere. Features include parental controls, speed and signal strength testing, proactive threat detection, and more.


Minim® Middleware Agent

Enables ISPs to communicate with already-deployed MikroTiks, providing an easy way to monitor and manage each customer’s WiFi network.